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Hot & Cold Eye Mask

Hot & Cold Eye Mask

Entspannen und beruhigen Sie Ihren Körper und Geist

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Wärmetherapie und sanfter Druck für natürliche, sofortige Linderung von Augenbelastung, Muskelverspannungen und Stress nach einem langen Tag.

| Ocean Blue

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Eye and facial tension relief

Hot & Cold Eye Mask helps you relax your tired eyes, restore your face and calm your mind when you need a break. Disconnect and enjoy your "me time" in total comfort.

Hot & Cold therapy

Use it hot or cold to alleviate a variety of ailments:

Cold use:
- Eyestrain
- Red eyes
- Eye irritation
- Swollen, puffy eyes

Hot use:
- Dry eyes
- Migraines
- Tense facial muscles
- Swollen eyelids

Weighted and fully adaptable

Its natural clay bead core applies a gentle pressure while fitting your face blocking out any light, and it’s specially designed to keep your nose free of pressure for an ultra-comfortable unwinding experience.

Easy and safe to use

Use the included protective cotton bag to microwave for wearable warmth, or keep it cool in the freezer with the included zippered EVA bag for an always-ready soothing cooling sensation.


Eye care means body care.

When your eyes feel tired, it's a sign that your whole body needs a rest.

Good for you.

Good for the planet.

The all-natural, non-toxic clay beads are designed to freeze or heat as many times as you need, forever. This means no unnecessary waste and a sustainable environment.

Product Specs


Natural clay beads


71% polyester, 27 % cotton, 2% spandex
Spandex + Nylon elastic band


1 - 100% Cotton
2 - Frosted EVA


FDA, CE registered company


11.4 oz (325 g)
7.2 oz (205 g)
Excluded bag & packaging


L9 x W4.13 x H 0.78 in
L23 x W10.5 x H 2.0 cm