Mindfully Made

At Ostrichpillow, we know that durability is a key aspect of sustainability. That's why our goal isn’t to be trendy—it's to be timeless and lasting. We love seeing our products used year after year, and by focusing on quality, we can make sure that happens.

It’s simple: less manufacturing equals less waste, which is better for the planet.

Smart materials

Products that last require high-quality materials. After countless hours of researching, innovating, and testing, we’ve selected premium materials that we trust to offer an enduring experience.

Our search for the strongest and most sustainable materials continues. As Ostrichpillow evolves, we’re committed to eliminating plastic and increasing recycled materials. By 2025, we aim for all of our products to be made of 100% recycled materials.

Low return rate as proof of quality

Our return rates are 3%—the industry standard is closer to 10%. Quality matters.

Designed with passion, made with care

The quality of our products isn’t just a reflection of the materials we use. It’s also the result of a meticulous development and manufacturing process.

It all starts with our designers and development teams in Europe, who dream up innovative new ways to make Rest more accessible.

Once we've got a workable model, we can begin the production process in China, where we’ve established long-term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers.

These are partners that we know and trust. In 2016, we spent a year on the ground with them, getting to know their facilities, processes, and working conditions.

Audited by third parties *BSCI.
And we can proudly say that all of our partners meet the following non-negotiable standards:

  • Fair conditions for everyone in the Supply Chain, in Europe, USA, and China.
  • Human rights, workers treated ethically and legally.
  • Healthy lives and promoted wellbeing.
  • Fair wages and working times and conditions.
  • Ensure sustainable production patterns.

Together, we share a vision for design and collaboration, an innovative mindset, solutions-based thinking, and a willingness to embrace challenges.

Thanks to these trusted partners, our manufacturing process works like a dream and we can rest assured every Ostrichpillow product meets the highest standards—socially and environmentally.