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We are a very diverse group of people, but we all love one thing: sleep. And that's how we do it every day - although not always eight hours.

A lot of people struggle to get good sleep habits. People work hard all day, waiting for the moment they get to lay on their comfortable beds and get a good deep sleep. But when the time comes, all they get is the struggle to fight off insomnia. Stress, tension, and depression also deprive people of sleep. Our team understands this problem, and they would like to help with tricks to improve sleeping habits. We believe the saying: sharing is caring.

Sleep habits

A good night's sleep is as significant as ordinary exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that poor sleep has adverse effects on hormones, brain, or body functions. It can also increase the risks of weight gain and depression. In contrast, a good night’s sleep gives new energy and improves brain and body functions.

Your sleeping habits profoundly affect the quality of your sleep. If you are facing sleep problems, then you must consider changing your habits.

How to improve sleep habits according to our team

These tricks have been tested by our team, and they proved to be extremely useful.

Reduce irregular or long daytime naps

Sleep is a good exercise, but it can make extreme changes in your health and lifestyle in the daytime. It is beneficial to take short naps of 20-30 minutes in the daytime, but increasing the time duration and having a long and irregular rest can result in insomnia or sleep problems. Irregular sleeping cycles can be one of the causes of insomnia and sleep problems.

- Rober always seems to be energized and calm just because he takes a short nap in the daytime, which absorbs all of his tiredness and gives him new energy. He doesn’t recommend sleeping more than 20-30 minutes in the daytime.


Reduce blue light exposure in the evening

At night, the brain produces melatonin – a hormone that helps you feel relaxed and get a deep sleep. Blue light emitted by electronic devices like smartphones, TV, and computers can profoundly affect the production of melatonin and can disturb your sleep cycle. The best way is to avoid the use of any electronic devices before bedtime –we have a product for that!

- Clara, for example, leaves her cell phone outside her bedroom every night and uses a traditional alarm clock to wake up, avoiding the temptation to look at the cell phone on the bedside table.

- Max also leaves his cell phone outside his bedroom, but always keeps a notebook handy so that if something important crosses his mind, he can write it down.

- Emily, meanwhile, has replaced watching videos before bed with a good reading session, which helps her calm down and slow her brain.

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Meditate and calm your brain

After a day of hard work, our brains are full of information, pending tasks and thoughts that often prevent us from falling asleep normally. There are different ways to get rid of them.

- Paz plans every night what she is going to do the next day, which helps her to reduce her anxiety before going to sleep.

- Bàrbara writes a diary, where she tries to leave everything sorted out or planned. She has also been listening to the same song for years to get to sleep when she needs to slow down: "Piano & Hubbub".

- Andrés and Emily practice deep breathing exercises for a few minutes before bedtime.


Do some exercise

There is a lot of research on sleep and exercise, and while every body is different, it is clear that an active lifestyle helps us fall asleep faster.

- Emily does some physical activity every day, whether it's a workout class, a run or a walk, so that she feels tired when she lies down in bed.

- Pablo goes the extra mile and always goes for a run just before bedtime. Physical activity helps him unwind. He takes a shower to recover and calm down and then goes to bed looking forward to sleep.


Get a comfortable bed and pillow

You may have tried various tricks to get a good night’s sleep, but if you are not getting good sleep then it can be the fault of your bed and pillow. A comfortable bed and pillow have crucial roles in your sleep quality.

- Jaime always makes sure his bed is a warm place, and always repeats the same position that helps him sleep better.

- Paz uses a heated blanket to get the comfort point she needs to sleep.


Optimize your bedroom environment

We believe that the surrounding environment profoundly affects our sleep quality – a peaceful and dark environment will give you a night of deep sleep; in contrast, a noisy and blue light surrounding can double your struggle to get a good sleep.

But what if your partner can’t sleep in the dark or you are having trouble sleeping during travel or day time short naps? Light Versatile Pillow is just the tool for this problem. Designed to work as a pillow but also as an eye mask, it blocks out the light creating the perfect environment for a good sleep, no matter what the occasion is, whether you are at the home, office, or traveling. This easy to carry pillow has negligible weight.

To create we need to dream, and to dream, we need to sleep. This is how we do it, and we’ll keep dreaming so you can do it too in absolute comfort.

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