Keep looking for that dream job? Aim for the dream office


The celebrated life motto “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” tends to guide our paths these days.

The well-known scenario of our own blockbuster could not be other than our dream office. The environment where we spend most of the conscious hours of our adulthood. Conscious… Alert... Awaken… Maybe we’ll leave it at just hours. That’s why it’s so important to find the tools and stimuli that create a dream atmosphere and transform our office in that happy place we keep fantasizing about.

How do you imagine the space where your dream job will inevitably happen? We have asked this very same question to ourselves. 

An out of this world, immersive place

We can’t avoid it. We die for a good old story. We love being teleported to different times and different places, feeling things that go way beyond our imagination. We love daydreaming. That’s why having a tailor-made office scenario that triggers a distinctive mindset out of other well-known facets of life can be so alluring when looking for that dream job.

Studio Banana project - Workspace


The most exciting companies to work with are the ones with extraordinary stories behind. So why on earth their workspaces should not embody them? We are not talking only about a nicely branded place. For us, a dream office is an immersive story waiting to be heard, an inspiring story eager to be told. A dream work environment is the scenario where incredible and fulfilling experiences can happen… And being considered work too!

Boost your ideas and take care of your dreams

Our best ideas always happen in a specific place, within a specific time. Sometimes even at the office. In any case, they are born and grow inside our beautiful heads. Precisely for this reason, our dream workplace is first and foremost where our ideas are inspired and boosted – the key point that led us to create OSTRICHPILLOW Original to begin with!

Studio Banana project - Lausanne


These days, one would say that creativity at work is a lot like the holy grail. To form innovative and ingenious teams is not only a question of money. In order for one to bloom professionally and leave their mark in the world, one should look for a work environment that provides engagement and inspiration. Making space for the unexpected.
Spontaneity and surprise are two cool traits that our dream office truly stands for. Values that will certainly make us feel curious, active and creative when the outside world tries to knock us down. And we are not talking only about ping pong tables and swimming pools… Or wait, maybe we are talking about swimming pools ;)

Mccann office Madrid - Studio Banana project

Technology, senses and feelings

Ours are times of volatility, delocalisation and dematerialisation. Virtual rooms, cloud applications, multi-device platforms and social networks could make us think that space is no longer an issue. No matter where your look at, teleworking is the order of the day. Online sharing tools and videoconferencing systems question the very need of even going anywhere. What could be the point of commuting? In this radical scenario we believe the role of the physical workplace is more relevant than ever.
Digital and physical are not opposite models, on the contrary, the hyper-connected, future workplace should reconcile them under a well-balanced scenario. Our dream job is built upon technology’s wonders but has a huge dose of physical, face to face interactions. Happening in a place that hosts people –with their whole bodies and embodied feelings–, fosters collaborative –unimaginable– work and functions as a seaworthy beacon to which we can always come back to when feeling a little bit lost.
Our ideal, dream office is both agile and sensorial, engaging and meaningful, sustainable and memorable. It’s beyond real. Our dream office currently does and will keep on looking for further ways to make our lives brighter and better.

Mccann office Madrid - Studio Banana project

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Studio Banana project - Workspace
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