Traveling with dogs: a quick guide for proud owners

If you are planning a trip, there is no need to leave your pet behind. The holidays are better if you have your best friend with you.

Traveling with dogs is every “dog's father's” dream. Not only because of the incomparable company they keep, but also because it avoids having to leave them in the care of another relative, friend or, in most cases, in a kennel. But traveling with dogs is not an easy task: restrictions in many means of transport, in hotels, and the basic needs of a living being make it necessary to plan in advance – and we are gonna help you with that. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about all of this if you are rich enough to fly on your private jet.

How to travel with pets: the basics

In the same way that when you travel by yourself you make a list with everything you need to be prepared for any situation, when you travel with dogs there are certain elements you must count on no matter what. Let’s see them.

A healthy dog is a happy dog

Always visit the vet before traveling. In addition to checking that your dog is healthy, you will get the medical certificate that the transport companies require. Once you're on your way, make sure you have the contact details of the vet nearest to your destination. Better safe than sorry.

Identification, sir!

When dogs are in unfamiliar surroundings it is easier for them to get lost. That's why, in addition to always keeping them on a leash and wearing a collar with your contact details, consider using a permanent identification microchip.

Feeling at home away from home!

If travel is already stressful for humans, how can it not be for dogs? To make them feel comfortable, it is best to replicate as much as possible the domestic environment they are used to. To do this, always take enough of their food and water, their favourite toys and keep to the usual bathing times.

More than a box

Although we all suffer when we see our pets in cages, when traveling, a crate is the only way to keep them safe, both in the car and on the plane. Make sure it's roomy enough, comfortable enough – for both you and your dog – and correctly labelled.

Best way to travel with a dog

Before continuing, it is necessary to note that, as a general rule, pets do not like to travel, so none of the options will be especially pleasant for them. But let's see what the advantages and disadvantages are for each.

Traveling by car

It is usually the least stressful for the dog, as it is close to the owners at all times and there is a possibility to stop at any time if needed. To avoid incidents, the dog should always be kept in a crate, and this should be placed in the back seats – in the event of an accident, the front airbag could cause damage. Never leave the dog alone in the car, even if the stop is quick: the temperature inside could be fatal.

Traveling by plane

Whether over short or long distances, flying is always a risk for pets. Before choosing this option, check with your airline to see if there is any possibility of your pet travelling in the cabin. It usually depends on the size of the animal and has an extra cost – but our dogs deserve it. If it finally has to go in the cargo hold, make sure your flight is direct, as boarding is usually the most traumatic part. Talk to your vet first so that he can recommend a tranquilizer to make the trip less stressful.

Traveling by train, bus or ship

Due to lack of space, traveling with dogs on any of these three modes of transportation is more complicated. Many bus companies do not allow this, and it must always be in the cargo hold. Some train companies have a similar policy to that of the airlines, although large animals are not usually welcome. Large ships usually do not allow animals of any kind. It is better to be well informed in each particular case.

As we have seen, traveling with dogs requires some planning and can be a headache for both animals and humans, but it is not impossible, and the reward of having your best friend as your adventure partner is very gratifying. But if you want to make your part of the trip as restful as possible, how about always carrying an OSTRICHPILLOW Go to get the best neck support? A rested owner means a happy dog.

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Header photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash
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