These socks keep your toes toasty and improve circulation

Feet with compression socks

As temperatures drop and days turn icy outside, we all start to feel the chill. We have specialized clothing and gear to help protect us from the cold, and we pull on coats, hats, scarves, and winter boots. But the winter chill can really start to sting — especially in your fingers and toes. When coming back from a brisk walk outside, you might feel an unpleasant tingling or numbness in your feet, or even a dull ache. This is your body’s way of telling you that your toes are too cold! Aside from being uncomfortable, letting your feet get too cold can be dangerous — frostbite can occur in a shorter time than you might think. One way to help keep this condition at bay is to protect your feet with socks for cold feet with poor circulation, which can help keep your toes toasty and prevent injury and damage. 

How to improve poor blood circulation

So how do you improve poor blood circulation in your feet when the weather outside is frightful? It’s not as simple as just adding a pair — or three — of thick woolen socks to your outfit. This adds bulk to your feet, which may make it difficult or even impossible to put on your winter boots. Tight boots that rub against your feet are not only uncomfortable, they may also cause foot ailments like bunions, corns, or hammertoe. Make sure to purchase boots that fit your feet well and give your toes plenty of room to move comfortably, without your foot slipping around. 


Cold toes, numbness and other foot problems due to cold are because of a lack of circulation to the feet. When the body is cold, it tries to conserve heat in the core, or abdomen, by reducing blood flow to appendages like the hands and feet. This is why you feel the tingling and pain in your feet when outside in the cold for too long. So what can you do? 

Try adding a pair of compression socks — like these from Ostrichpillow — to your cold-weather routine. Compression socks can help increase blood flow to your feet, making it  less likely that you’ll feel the burn of tingly toes and frozen feet. These compression socks are made of moisture-wicking bamboo, which keep your feet dry and comfortable. Try putting on the compression socks under a pair of wool socks for a snug — but not too tight! — fit under your winter boots or snow boots. This will help to keep your tootsies warm and ease the discomfort that comes from frozen feet.

Winter boots

Foot-Friendly winter skin routine

Make sure to also care for your feet during the winter months by keeping them clean and dry, and moisturizing each night with a thick cream. This helps prevent cracks and dry skin that can be exacerbated by cold weather.



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