The power of Minimalism: Having less, feeling more

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Conscious lifestyle or distress call? Minimalism invites us to escape from excess to pursue a happier, freer and more meaningful life.

There are cases. We all have heard about them. That overachiever, young professional who decides to adopt a monastic lifestyle and get rid of all his possessions. That extravagant –what else?– writer that one morning gets sick of the sorrows and anxieties of modern life and resolves to leave everything behind to travel the world light as a feather. So recurring that it starts to seem a high-minded déja-vu, a zen-like drama that will take place forever, inside a white room, under a focused, clean light over a stoic mattress and next to a blank page and a pencil. A lifestyle with a catchy name: “Minimalism”.

A powerful word that has been used –and overused– to the point of risking losing its meaning. There are, however, as many minimalisms as minimalists. But they all have something in common: less. Why? Well, the modern world is kind of overwhelming. The modern world is full. The excess of material goods sometimes clouds our reason and judgement. And we only live once. How come have objects acquired the mighty power of dictating our lives –or better yet– life? Furniture, books, clothes, cars, houses… That, we own. But who are we? Would we be the same without those?

Let’s get this clear. To carry a minimalist living you don’t need to be a radical. On the contrary. For us, the only radicality of minimalism lies in the search of an extreme sense of balance. Avoiding excess and owning just the essentials. What a better way of focusing your precious energy. What a richer path of experiencing, being and seizing the irreplaceable. Surrounding yourself with things that inspire you to reconnect with what’s –and who’s– really important. For the real truth is that, in the end, we can all breathe and feel and laugh and talk and think without any of our material belongings.

We, minimalist dreamers

know that objects acquire their meaning when used and lived, that an experience is a potential story waiting to be heard and told. And this way of living is truly a never-ending journey. That’s the great thing about it! You’ll feel lost over and over, only to find yourself eventually, each time being a new opportunity to focus your life towards what really matters –to you–, and surrounded by what inspired you to follow that road in the first place.

So let’s get back to the essentials. Let’s get lost. Let’s make everyday the first day. Let’s go with the flow. Let’s accept the power of randomness and the beauty of chance. Sometimes, having less can certainly make you feel more.

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