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Life is made of a million moments, and at some point everyone has needed one of comfort, sleep, support and inner connection.

Have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs test? This questionnaire, created in 1944 by a pioneering mother and daughter, is supposed to classify anyone according to their personality into 16 proposed types. Somewhat strict, isn't it? Just check your contact book to realize that each person you know is hard to classify into a particular stereotype. But no matter how we think, how we look or even which is our lifestyle, there are certain universal moments that reconcile our differences, because we have so much in common. Here you have six of those in which, genuinely, we can all see ourselves reflected. And luckily, there is an OSTRICHPILLOW for each of them.

For when… you want to grab some ZZZs

It usually happens at work, when you sit on your desk, open your computer and find more than 100 unread emails, an endless to-do list and a bunch of post-its stuck around your screen. Then, you discover yourself thinking that days should have at least 36 hours. It's in those precise moments when the smartest choice is to slow down, take a deep breath and take a nap that will allow you to isolate yourself for a few minutes from the worldly noise. With its immersive experience and absolute coziness, OSTRICHPILLOW Original lets you create your own comfort capsule. Just slip it on and transform anywhere you are into your particular dreamy place. You deserve it.

 Original - Ostrichpillow Magazine

For when… you need custom-fit comfort on the go

Within the fashion industry, mass-produced clothing has undoubtedly been the great revolution. Fashion is now global, accessible and dynamic, and there are enough alternatives for all tastes. But when it comes to rest, a tailor-made solution is preferred. Imagine travelling and sleeping in impossible positions: to prevent your neck from suffering you need something that fits like a glove rather than standard solutions. Made with a memory foam core and a unique 360º design, OSTRICHPILLOW Go is the travel pillow that best adapts to each neck and avoids that terrible moment we have all suffered: falling forward. It also includes an adjustable Velcro® Brand closure that offers a perfectly customized fit. As if made exclusively for you. And when not in use, carry it easily and save space with the included bag.

GO - Ostrichpillow Magazine

For when… you need to be prepared for anything

Although it's probably on your wish list, we're sorry to tell you that working crystal balls haven't been invented yet. That's a shame, because we're sure it would be the most useful gadget ever. Especially when you're on a trip, where anything can happen: unforeseen schedule changes, last-minute cancellations, endless waits and unfamiliar places. You better be prepared. That’s why OSTRICHPILLOW Light makes a great travel companion. It can be worn on your head, as an eye mask or around your neck, so you can carry it with you wherever you go –even if your baggage is missing. Whether it's supporting your head, covering your eyes or embracing your neck, its versatility makes it ready for any situation at any time of day. A multi-purpose pillow for a life filled with multi-surprising experiences.

Light - Ostrichpillow Magazine

For when… (awake or sleep) you need some extra support

The human body was not designed to sit all day long, but modern life has irremediably tied us to a chair. Not only when we are working, commuting or studying, but also in more pleasant activities such as traveling or simply lounging at home, our legs, arms, back and neck become numb, and although it seems paradoxical we need to rest from sitting. For those moments, it's good to have an OSTRICHPILLOW Mini at your arm’s reach. Its compact and smart design makes it fit into your hand, forearm or elbow, improving your favorite resting position. Ultraportable and soft, it is the best companion for everyday life.

Mini - Ostrichpillow Magazine

For when… you want to explore the world within

Computers are terrific - and yes, your mobile phone counts as a computer . They connect us with our family and friends anytime, anywhere. That's great, but it can also be excessively time-consuming. We are so focused on others that we often forget about ourselves and our most personal needs. And that's essential to our wellbeing. Luckily, isolating yourself from the world is easy with OSTRICHPILLOW Loop. This eye mask pillow creates a total blackout experience that facilitates the connection with your inner world, and its ergonomic shape makes it easy to wear headphones to enhance mindfulness and concentration. You’ll discover that part of you that you had forgotten.

Loop - Ostrichpillow Magazine

For when… you need a seamlessly stylish comfort boost

A shirt for work. A tracksuit for the gym. A dazzling dress for the weekend. You have a specific outfit for each moment and they all fit your style. But even in the most spectacular wardrobes, those that have a door and even a chair inside, it is difficult to find a garment that is comfortable and that you can combine with any outfit. And that's exactly what OSTRICHPILLOW Hood offers, a classic revamped to be standalone and versatile. Its double layered fabric creates a cozy environment so you can disconnect or concentrate wherever you go and wear what you're wearing. An instant basic wardrobe.

Hood - Ostrichpillow Magazine

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