Is sleeping naked better for your health? Say bye to pajamas

The cosiness of a pajama – even if it's an old T-shirt – is unbeatable, but if you sleep without it you can even look younger. No tricks involved, just plain science.

Is sleeping naked better for your help? It's hard to believe that a simple garment like pajamas can have any kind of effect on our wellbeing. Besides, the way we each sleep is something very personal, and a habit that is difficult to change. But science has spoken. And its conclusion is that sleeping naked is undoubtedly better for our health. So why don't you try it? The following list is very convincing.

Benefits of sleeping naked

Helps to fall asleep faster

As we told you in this post, your body temperature is fundamental when it comes to sleeping, since the brain is programmed to enter into “rest mode” when it cools down a few degrees. When you undress, your body cools down faster and starts sending out sleep signals sooner. You no longer need to count sheep.

Promotes better sleep quality

The temperature not only helps to sleep faster, but to sleep better. And it does so because an environmental temperature between 60 and 67°F (15.6-19.4°C) causes the REM phase of sleep, which is the one that puts our body and mind at rest, to remain undisturbed. Sleeping naked is the easiest way to cool down. Also, there are no drawstrings or clothes getting tangled in sheets, nor any other distractions that can wake you up in the middle of the night.

Reduces stress and anxiety

If you fall asleep faster and better, as we have just seen, your body produces less cortisol, which is the hormone that produces stress. If you are also lucky enough to sleep with someone, skin-to-skin contact promotes the release of oxytocin, another hormone that has an effect on reducing stress.

Improves your skin

The skin on your body needs to breathe. Think that many areas of your body are constantly covered, preventing pores from being aerated – and therefore causing spots. When you sleep naked you can lower the risk of skin diseases, like athlete's foot, that result from wet, restricted skin.

Prevents weight gain

Believe it or not, there is a scientific study that found a relationship between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Therefore, a good quality of sleep – such as that achieved by sleeping naked – is a factor that prevents that gain. Not only that, but by being naked and lowering your body temperature, you're forcing your body to burn calories. Better than the gym.

Makes you look younger

Growth hormones and melatonin, which are involved in the body's aging process, can be disrupted if the temperature at which you sleep is high. So what's the best way to maintain an adequate temperature? By now you know. Clothes off!

Increases male fertility

If you want your sperm count to be high, forget about tight-fitting underwear. One study showed that men who wore tight-fitting underwear had a lower sperm count than those who wore boxers. This is because tight-fitting underwear moves the testicles away from the body by keeping them at a lower temperature. Sleeping naked has a similar effect.

Boosts your confidence

We rarely see ourselves naked, and that can lead to a lack of confidence in our bodies. When we get up and go to bed without clothes we get used to the image and accept ourselves better. All this has been proven in a study related to self-esteem.

Is sleeping naked better for your health? Definitely! But not always, anyway. When you need to sleep somewhere other than your bed – a nap in the office or on the plane, for example – not only should you be dressed, but you can't forget to bring your Ostrichpillow. Healthier and more comfortable than any pyjamas!

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Photo by Maddie Bazzocco on Unsplash
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