How to get concentration in meditation and increase your focus

Do you have trouble keeping your mind clear of disturbances when you meditate? Try these tips, postures and items and lift your spirit to the next level.

How to get concentration in meditation is the biggest problem everyone encounters when they first start practicing this relaxation technique. In the age of multitasking and fast consumption, it is not easy to focus on a single goal over a long period of time. But meditation requires patience and dedication, so there's no need to get frustrated if you don't get results soon. The key is to have patience and follow a few basic tips – practice makes perfect!

Relax your body

To achieve maximum concentration it is necessary to relax the body. The problem is that many new meditators try so hard to concentrate that they unwittingly tighten the muscles of their body. To release this tension the most effective way is to control your breathing: to tense your whole body when you breathe in and relax it when you breathe out. Repeating this several times at the beginning of the meditation will eventually cause the predominant state to be the relaxed one.

Sit perfectly still

Sitting perfectly still is a great challenge, but also essential to increase your ability to concentrate, as the movement directs your body's energy to the muscles rather than to the meditation itself. To stop fidgeting during meditation, sit comfortably, close your eyes and try to move not a single muscle – think of yourself as a heavy rock. There will be many disturbances around you, such as itching, but you must avoid falling into temptation. Eventually you will forget them and concentration will begin.

Keep your eyes gently raised

The point between the eyebrows, or spiritual eye, is the seat of concentration in the body, and whenever we need to concentrate deeply, we naturally focus there. It is very beneficial to keep the eyes up, without effort, during meditation. If you do this, you will notice an improvement in your concentration.

How to get concentration in meditation


Temporary Amnesia

Something that is crucial when meditating is to clear the mind of all thoughts. And it is not as easy as it seems, since in moments of silence and relaxation our head tends to turn to ideas and thoughts that are yet to be resolved. That is why before starting meditation we must make it very clear that we are going to start a special moment, in which nothing is going to bother us. Once your body learns to be still, the mind will follow much more easily.

Use a mantra

This is one step further. When your body and mind are under control and you want to access a higher level of concentration, you can introduce a mantra into your meditation sessions. A mantra is simply a syllable, word or phrase that is constantly repeated. The best known is the syllable "ohm", which is pronounced every time you exhale. This helps the mind to focus on the sound being produced and concentration is greater, eliminating even external interruptions.

Use a meditation pillow

Another big problem when meditating is external stimuli such as light or sound. If you don't have a dark and quiet place to meditate, you can try using a meditation pillow, which is placed around your head and creates a feeling of darkness. The OSTRICHPILLOW Loop not only blocks the light, but also leaves room for headphones, so you can also use some kind of white noise to isolate yourself completely.

As you can see, the answer to how to achieve concentration in meditation requires dedication, practice and above all a lot of patience. But the reward is worth it. Why don't you try it?

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